How long?


1. Author is the sweetest thing in creation and gives great internet; but the writing is meh (at best).

2. Author is straight douche material and should never be allowed to internet, but the writing is fantastic.

3. Author is "aight" and not much to mention internet-wise, the writing is reader-specific (meaning you either love it or hate it).


Do you buy?  The buzz on the latests books are pretty high and opinions are abundant.  


If an author behaves badly, what degrees of bad are forgivable?or not?  How long is the author held in offense?  How much of the authors talent allows for "forgiveness" of behavior?


I know this is all subjective and my level of offense is not anyone else's.  What I find completely unforgivable may not be someone else's.  However, how much of your reaction is based on not wanting other readers/reviewers to categorize you as part of the problem?  How often will your opinion change about an author based on expansion of the narrative that caused the author's "downfall"?


I'm just wondering.  So often there is a blowup of proportions, then ranting on both sides, and finally silence; topic to be brought up only on special occasions when we want to reminisce.  Is there any going back?