Dead Run - Josh Lanyon 4.75 starsPlot Summary:Taylor MacAllister goes to Paris to spend some much needed quality time with his partner and Partner Will Brandt. While attempting to check-in at the airport, he thinks he recognizes a known terrorist thought to be dead... and so begins Dead Run My impressions: I love, love, love these guys! I felt so sad for Taylor... he broke my heart. Although, I love Will just as much, poor Taylor was put through the (emotional) wringer on this one... Major kudos though, for not making trust, be an issue for these guys. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't some possessiveness and insecurites go away. This felt familiar and rang true for me. The mystery wasn't my favorite part, but it was interesting; all the twists it took. For me, it's always about Will and Taylor. David really needed to go and not be in another scene EVER!Overall, another excellent book :)