The Seventh Veil - Heidi Cullinan 2.75 starsThis story is very ambitious. It reads like an epic story, but somehow doesn't meet it's grandiose plans.I really liked all the characters, they were all very well written. The background and world they reside in are all very well laid out. I think where it missed the mark was in its complexity. It was all very convoluted. I kept having to go back to re-read certain sections because it just didn't make sense to me at times. The MC was tortured beyond belief... it was horrible the amount of "stuff" he went through. I also had a bit of trouble suspending disbelief at the length the demon/daemon went through to get his plan together... it was all a bit much. The length of the book was also a little off-putting. After a while, I just wanted to be done.The characters, however, shined. I loved Charles and Timothy, they were tough and bright; special. I really want them to have their happy ending.I doubt I'll read all the books in the series, but will definitely read other books by Ms. Cullinan.