Saviours of Oestend - Marie Sexton 4.5 starsThis book was great in so many ways. The characters, the history, the world built by Marie Sexton was so unique and amazing. My feeling is that Marie Sexton has such respect and love for her characters that one can't help but feel the same. Cami's struggle to be accepted for herself and Dante and Olsa providing the type of environment that she could be herself was touching. Cami's love and acceptance of Dante with all his emotional baggage was great. The fact that Dante fought so hard for Cami to be seen and accepted for who she was, was beyond cool.... Dante is one fierce mother f__ker; and exactly the kind of protection that Cami and all the other ladies need in their life.I really wanted Simon to fall for Frances, but was able to accept that Simon's love for Frances wasn't going to be what Frances (and I) wanted. It wasn't less, but it was different. That they were "partners" seemed to be enough for them, although I would have wanted more for them; especially Frances.My one little niggle was the scene on the mesa. The final part of the ritual seemed unnecessary to me. The healing and forgiveness part I was all aboard with, but I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more without the sex. I get the whole sex is powerful bit, but for me it was like the person that leaves the house with that one extra bit of whatever that ruins the outfit.Marie Sexton remains one of my favorite authors and continues to show how truly talented she is in creating such wonderful characters.