Beyond the Sea - Keira Andrews

So this book had some controversy surrounding it... I don't know how I feel about the bi-erasure that some felt was being promoted by this book.  I don't feel like commenting on this... I'm certainly not equipped to navigate those waters.


It was an OK read, nothing exciting or new, but certainly enjoyable.  I did feel like a dragged a bit and I wanted it to hurry along; but overall entertaining.



The General and the Horse-Lord - Sarah Black

Adult romance.  Wonderful characters, but beware, there is some cheating.  Nice fade-to-black sex scenes (I'm not always in the mood for the explicit, so this was nice) and a story that was about something: relationships, expectations, family, etc.



Out of Nowhere (Middle of Somewhere Book 2) - Roan Parrish

Great characters with an interesting viewpoint.  Most intriguing was how the individual's perception clouds memories or other people; how affected we are by what we choose to see and how deeply denial can hurt a person.  Some angst, but really well done.  Even after all this time having read this, it still resonates.  Quite an impression made by this new to me author.  Very well done.

Bankers' Hours - Wade Kelly

Painful read.  Grant had every horrible thing happen to him; Mel seemed added to the book to be "inclusive" and Tristan was oblivious for 15 years?!  These characters were poorly thought out and plot was ridiculous.

Playing to Win - Avery Cockburn

Great characters and wonderful plot.  This books includes the telling of a historic moment in Scotland.  While the characters are opposites in views and life; the main characters discover their truth and love.

Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me and One Time I Kissed Him First - Anna  Martin

A lovely romance told in flash-back/forward.  It told the story of a connection and love between 2 friends.  Very good characters and plot.

Love Like the Medici - Edmond Manning

The epilogue saved the book.  Too much emphasis on what that title meant.  The fact that Enzo was constantly testing Chris was annoying.

Body Check - Elle Kennedy

Toooo much sex and corny storyline. Too much back and forth between them about their commitment.  Couldn't wait for this to be over.

Lay It Down - Mary Calmes

Seemed like fan fiction of Sam and Jory by Mary Calmes.  


Lots of the same plot/character personalities... still a good time and I would never not read Mary Calmes.  Nothing original or brand new, but still good.

Snow on the Roof - Layla M. Wier, Dottie Stratton, Pinkie Rae Parker, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Amy Rae Durreson, Mari Donne, Tray Ellis, A.C.  Valentine, Chris Scully, John Inman, Maggie Lee, Kim Fielding, J. Leigh Bailey, Sam C. Leonhard, Linda James, Laylah Hunter

Only read 2 stories.  

Chris Scully -  3/5

Kim Fielding - 3/5


Will eventually get to the others.

Brown-Eyed Girl (Travises, #4) - Lisa Kleypas

This book would have been better with the male POV.  What an utter let down this was.  The heroine wasn't that great.  While it was nice to see the Travises again, we could have waited until there was an actual story to tell.

Dirty Heart - Rhys Ford

Half of the book was Cole expressing his love and commitment to Jae.  On the one hand: romantic; on the other hand: WE GET IT!


The reason for the killing seemed a bit thin, but suspend belief... and yeah, it was OK. 


Do we get a wedding book?  I hope so.  


It may not seem like I liked the book and I DID, I was just so ready for it to have more weight.  Still love these characters and really hope we get at least one more check in book.

The Queen & the Homo Jock King (At First Sight) - T.J. Klune

Very funny and engaging, but it was a bit too much at times.  Sandy and Paul needed to calm down a bit.


Lots of LOL moments and really was emotional at times. Although I needed a day to recover after reading this, really enjoyed the journey.

Between Ghosts - Garrett Leigh

Good book with some issues... dragged a bit and ending was sort of anti-climactic.  The twist of Pogo and James being same guy seemed unnecessary.


Still Garrett Leigh, but was sort of let down with this book.

Us (Him Book 2) - Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen

Great continuation for Jamie and Wes.  Touching and funny; engaging story that kept my interest entirely.  LOVED Blake!  What a fun and true fiend.  Jamie was a bit of a dick, but nothing excessive.  Also loved that he could recognize he was being one and accepted responsibility.  Loved how much Wes loved him and allowed him his space. 

Cherry Bomb - Samantha Kane

Likeable characters and good story, however, not extremely engaging.  Dragged on a bit, unnecessarily.  Really couldn't believe how crappy friends John and Connor were to Brian and Evan.  Poor showing by the secondary characters.