Trust the Focus - Megan Erickson

Great characters and engaging journey of finding yourself and being ok with what you find.  Glad the mother wasn't a complete villain, although it was a near thing.



Catch a Tiger by the Tail - Charlie Cochet

I truly hate cliffhangers, but at least the story is expanding and moving forward.


I'm still a bit salty because I thought I had at least 20 more pages of story and it was just synopses of the previous books.


Still love these characters and really need the next book soon

Act Like It - Lucy V. Parker

Fun, fun, fun; engaging and lovely.


Very good characters and story.

Act Like It - Lucy V. Parker

Fun, fun, fun; engaging and lovely.


Very good characters and story.

Think of England - K.J. Charles

One of my top favorite couples... the more I think of the book, the more I like it. 


The dialogue was great, the characters were pretty awesome and I loved that these guys never changed who they were, they just learned to appreciate the other person for themselves.


KJ Charles is fast becoming a favorite author.

Sustained (The Legal Briefs Series) - Emma Chase

The kids sold this book for me.  They were highly enjoyable and engaging.  The adults.... not so much.


I really didn't like the adults in Overruled, and didn't change my mind here.


I doubt I'll continue this series, I have so many other books to read and I just don't connect to the characters.


But if you like kids in books, these kids are aces!

Flight of Magpies - K J Charles

So Merrick did find someone, and what a someone!!!


It's great that Crane acknowledges how often he's getting kidnapped, and is as over it as I am.


I loved the interplay between the characters as they realize how much compromise it takes to join two lives.  Love, while great, does take work.


This was a bit of a roller coaster ride emotionally, but it all came to a head.


I'd read Jackdaw before reading any of these books, and it was great to see how that one fit in.


Still a great world to immerse yourself in and wonderful characters to spend your time on.

A Case of Possession - K.J. Charles

I really love the world Ms. Charles has created.  Stephen and Crane are a match for each other.  It's lovely to see them interact and finally profess (and truly act) their love for each other.  


My most pressing wish is that Crane stop getting kidnapped and held captive.  That and I want Merrick to find someone for himself as well.

One of the best


RIP Alan Rickman

Jordan & Rhys - Sue  Brown

More like 2.75 


It was OK, nothing special, but it wasn't horrible. 


The book skips time fairly quickly, but there's no sense of a connection between the men; no sense of intimacy. The friends are too much involved for no reason. I wish the author would have focused more on the couple and made that story more believable. 

The Score - Elle Kennedy

Really liked Dean and Allie. The story was entertaining, but not engrossing. I was able to put the book down with little difficulty. 


I'm glad there were consequences to actions and that no one was an asshole. Many funny scenes and there was a shitload of sex. Did I mention all the sex?  It was a lot. 


Overall, I wasn't mad at the book and spent the day quite enjoyably in Ms Kennedy's world. 

Sleeping 'til Sunrise (Mangrove Stories) - Mary Calmes

It's only 56 pages (with about 20 pages of crap at the end), so that made me unhappy, but it's typical Mary Calmes and she's my crack.


All the characters are predictable and enjoyable.  The story also falls under her same pattern, but as always, I love it all.


If you don't enjoy her, you won't find this to be your cup of tea.  However, if you're like me, this will be a good way to spend some time.

Winter Oranges - Marie Sexton

Damn but this had me wondering how it would end... I mean, I know it's a romance and all, so they end up together, BUT HOW?!  It was nicely done, if a bit nerve wracking.  


Ben had me so sad; just the idea of that level of isolation, was so saaaad.  I'm especially glad he got his happy ending with Jason.  Jason needed someone to love and be loved by.


Dylan also made me sad.  He seemed to really care about Jason, but not what Jason wanted.  I hope he finds his happy ending.


Now I'm wondering what's Ben's future is going to be like, he deserves all things wonderful!

Sweep in Peace  - Ilona Andrews

What a ride... I wasn't planning on reading it all in one go (I was really tired), but I needed to know how this would all end.  It was complicated and engaging, I was pretty invested in the outcome.


I love how powerful Dina is and how she's growing into her role as Innkeeper. The characters in these books are all dangerous; bigger, stronger, more vicious than Dina, but she holds her own.



Dragon Soul (Dragon, #5) - J.B. McDonald

In this one we get more of Katsu's backstory and it throws Ashe for a loop. Katsu handles it and it's quite impressive.  Things are getting more interesting in the personal department.

My A to Z 2016 Reading Challenge

For the last eight years I've joined one (or more) reading challenges.  For the last eight years I've failed to complete any of them.  Not a single one.  Made of fail.  I try to pick challenges that I feel I have a decent chance of managing but when I hit a book that I don't fancy it all stalls.


This year I thought I'd try and give myself a fighting chance and rather than try to mold my reading to someone else's choices I'd make my own one. 


I'm taking part in The Silver Thistle 2016 AtoZ Reading Challenge :)


Wish me luck!  If I can't do this one then there is something wrong with me, LMAO




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