The Art of Breathing - T.J. Klune

So of course I chose to devour the book and have finished it, when really I have a lot to do, but can't put the book down because of reasons.


I still cry a shit ton of tears and laugh like a loon; continuing to receive the looks from those around me.  One lady was going to ask me a question ( I believe ), but I gave her my most NYC face and she left me alone.  The NYC commuter face is quite the deterrent.


Anywho, I will say that I love the characters like they were real.  And I love this author for creating them and completing this book even with all he has going on.  And I love Dreamspinner Press for publishing it.


And then I get to the Epilogue.... this mother fucker!!  If there isn't a 4th book soon... I don't know what's going to happen (probably nothing), but damn!