Our fight against MS

My friend Emily lives with Multiple Sclerosis.  We've walked every year since her diagnosis.


Just E's Support Team


Welcome to Just E's Support Team's page...


As many of you know I've been suffering with MS for 7 years now, and it's not getting any easier. This past year I had two major attacks, one that impaired my ability to stand up, walk and even lay down and one that affected my eyes, this took an impact on my life the way I never thought possible. My EYES were affected, I couldn't see, I couldn't move them simultaneously which caused me to look CRAZY! This was the scariest thing, not knowing if I would ever be able to see clear again but mainly because it took over my positive look on things. It drained me mentally, it was the first time I wanted to give up and not give a shit anymore! I still haven’t recovered though I can see.


With all this being said “I’M STILL FIGHTING” but I need help, YOUR HELP! Please consider making a donation or signing up to walk with Just E’s Support Team on May 4th. If you sign up please forward your link to help get donations. This money does go to research, and hopefully a curE one day!!


Please keep in contact with me to find out about my events and other fundraisers!