Dark Wolf - Christine Feehan

On the one hand the focus was on the protagonists (for the most part), but on the other there was so much going on.


On the one hand CF has toned down all the foreign language rituals, but on the other there's still too much of it.


On the one hand the story is moving along, but on the other it is still taking too long.


What the hell is going on?  What is the END going to be?  Where is she taking these poor characters?  Are they ever just going to be?  Always in danger?!!!  Geez, I think I'm about ready to quit this series.  We're on #25 and really there just isn't any real cohesive plot from the beginning to now.


I mostly skimmed this story because there wasn't much new.  I'm glad Dmitri and Skyler are together; and seeing some of the older guys is always fun.  BUT SHIT, I'm ready for some effing closure already.


I'll probably rate it later, but right now I'm just slightly annoyed and confused.