Prey  - Andrea Speed 3.5 starsI was a bit puzzled by Prey being split into 2 books... but they were enjoyable. It was an interesting take on the "were" stories and the characters were likable. I wasn't blown away by it, but was very entertained.The characters were very well drawn and the dialogue shined. For some reason I thought Roan was a loner, but he seemed to have quite a number of people he could call on. There was also some level of Roan being SO good at his job, he was way better than the cops; but this seems to be the norm for characters nowadays... most authors seem to be leaning to this type of character more often. As annoyed as I get, I won't rant about it until I read the other books.I'm definitely interested in continuing the series and I'm trying not to like Paris too much as I was a bit spoiled by reading the blurbs of the other books.