The Salisbury Key - Harper Fox 3.5 starsTMI: The one thing I know for sure is that I was put on this earth to be Lili's mother, my parent's daughter, an aunt to my kiddies and a sister to my siblings. Thankfully, they are here with me and doing well. These people I love with my entire being. I don't know loss of anything dearly important to me. I have a form of detachment when it comes to death and loss. I can feel pain for those left behind, but there isn't as much emotion as some ppl think I should have. My family usually gets on me for having "no soul" or being cold-hearted. I tend to be of the mind that even with death, things have to get done, my life hasn't ended and things need to continue. Again, I don't know what my reaction would be did I lose my core, and I hope to not have to deal with it anytime soon.With that being said, Dr. Daniel Logan annoyed the ever living shit out of me. I didn't connect with him and after a while, I just wanted to smack the crap out of him. I get that he loved his partner, but I didn't get why it was so all consuming. I didn't get why he would be so completely destroyed at his loss. Is it because I'm a cold b!tch? He reminded me of my sister. She's an emotional and mental wreck when there is an emergency/death, etc. She usually stays away from me when there's stuff happening in the family, because she knows how angry I get with her theatrics. The drama of their reactions just put me off something fierce. And I don't deny what their feeling, it's just that they don't do anything about it for themselves.On the one hand he's so devastated, but on the other he's able to so completely fall in love with another guy within weeks? It just seemed incongruous. Maybe I am harsh because he so reminded me of my sister. Daniel just seemed like such a mess to me... not at all like "Life after Joe", more of WTF?The mystery was interesting, and the story itself was great. I still love Harper Fox's writing; she really is fantastic at what she does. I just didn't connect with this book as I have her past ones.