It's Not Shakespeare - Amy Lane It was very entertaining and I enjoyed the characters. This, however, didn't pull me in emotionally.It did have me thinking of what ppl think in an inter-racial relationship, it made me think of my siblings and their relationships; how they differ, what's the same... Both my sisters are married to American men. My oldest sister to an Irish-German American; my younger sister to Black-White American (raised Jewish) and my younger brother to a Romanian-American. There has been a learning curve for all of us; and I can't say that it's been learned yet. We've had some issues within the family because of different upbringing and social/cultural differences that come with such diversity. For myself, I had a baby with a Dominican man, which is what is familiar. Having been raised in the US, we had some cultural differences, but not like with my in-laws. It's also a bit complicated when my parents don't speak English and the in-laws don't speak Spanish. Someone is always getting excluded from the conversation; until the translations begin. It sometimes gets tiring having the same conversation twice :| My point, even with all the different mixes in my family, I have not had to deal with it on a intimate level myself. It was interesting to get into James' head to see what he thought or how he perceived things. It was also very nice to see the sacrifices made by both so that Rafi could maintain his relationship with his family.Having said that, I didn't fall in love with the characters. Rafi was a bit too much for me and James not enough... For me, James' pain wasn't really felt by me. He came across as a bit of a whiner. Rafi came on too strong and was a bit off-putting. And, maybe because I'm not a dog person, but all that face licking was not pleasant for me. Marlowe was great, but that licking! Too much...Amy Lane is a favored author and I will continue to buy all her stuff. I just didn't have that connection to these characters as I've had with her previous works.