Pit Road - Anah Crow, Dianne Fox 3.5 stars, maybe? Not sure. I really liked the characters and I learned something new, which is always a good thing. Anah Crow and Dianne Fox are fantastic authors and I really enjoy their work. I definitely want to read more about the characters, although I guess I'm at a wait-and-see about the overall arc of the story. Denny and Sully are likable characters and it's obvious they love each other. I find it interesting (in a good way) that they recognize that even love wouldn't have saved their relationship. That while the accident was bad, it did allow them to focus and help cement their relationship. Denny recognized that the issues he's dealing with needed to be addressed. Sully and Denny seemed to be fitting into a D/s relationship, but it doesn't seem forced. It's more of Denny needing some release or grounding and Sully providing that for him. As Denny and Sully explore their relationship, the more this becomes apparent. Although, it doesn't seem as if Sully needs to be in control, he's just willing to do anything to help Denny. The authors do handle the interactions very well.I'm not terribly familiar with racing, is it a truly homophobic sport? It seemed that both characters were terrified of being found out... just an observation, but it seemed paramount that no one know.While I'll definitely read the next book in the series, I sincerely hope it's not one of those never-ending series some authors are good for.