Learning from Isaac - Dev Bentham The book is pretty monotone and steady. However, there were 2 things that disturbed me. :1: The use of the cucumber was yuck. :2: The fact that Isaac was concerned about getting tested, but Nate never did. I understand that Isaac was doing some stuff as his "job", but Isaac was with a partner that cheated on him left right and center according to him. Did he make sure he was negative? That was never discussed. It was only discussed by Isaac and as a concern because of his activity. Nate was sort of blase about his own safety.Another thing, I just thought of it, the fact that Isaac ran into SOOOO many people he had serviced. How small is Chicago? I mean, damn, every time he went out in public he was approached. That was a bit too much. Oh and another :) How quickly Isaac forgave Nate.... Nate was a major douche-bag (for what seemed like left field) and Isaac as too quick to forgive.I loved Dev Bentham previous book, but this did not do it for me.