My Life According to the Books I Read in 2015

This is a little something I did when I kept a blog.  It started with my blog buddy Christine.  I always like seeing what others write, so I hope you all do this as well.


Describe yourself:
PUCKED Up (Helen Hunting)


How do you feel:
Wrecked (Deanna Wadsworth)


Describe where you currently live:
Hidden Gem (Lissa Kasey)


If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Jesse's Diner (Cardeno C.)


Your favorite form of transportation:
First Class Package (Jay Northcote)


Your best friend is:
Grown-up (Kim Fielding)


You and your friends are:
Strange Bedfellows (Cardeno C.)


What's the weather like:
Winter on Spring Street (Stacey Darlington)


What is life to you:
The Deal (Elle Kennedy)


Favorite time of day:
Coming Home (MJ O'Shea)


Your fear:
Falling from the Sky (Sarina Bowen)
Crash & Burn (Abigail Roux)


What is the best advice you have to give:
Barring Complications (Blythe Rippon)


Thought for the day:
The Right Time (Lane Hayes)


How I would like to die:
The Lightning-Struck Heart (T.J. Klune)


My soul's present condition:
A Time for Loving (Nico Jaye)


My family is:
Cherish & Blessed (Tere Michaels)