Nalini Singh and RWA 2015

Great book week for me.  Went to the Nalini Singh's signing in Barnes and Nobles in East Brunswick on Monday with a friend.  I had such a nice time. Although I had Shards of Hope already in ebook version, decided to buy the hardcover and get it signed.  I don't have my "library" set up yet, but I'm getting my fave series in print version in anticipation.  If they're signed by the author even better :)  I now have 3 of her books signed, so I'm happy.  


She had a short Q&A before the signing and was pretty vague about all things "The Architect".  She did say that she has planned a sort of "reunion" type book where we see all the characters and wrap up any loose ends.  Shards of Hope was the final in the Psy-Changeling arc and this new book is going to be the bridge with the new arc.  We'll see the pupcubs be born and we'll get to see into the lives of all the characters.  There may be updates on Xavier and Nina as well (or they may get their own book, can't remember which she said).  Alice is not getting a book yet, as she's still not in a place where a book makes sense.  I got to ask my question about Amara, as she's my favorite character (Will we see her in future books?).  We will, but she'll won't be getting her own book.  She's a true psycho and won't be finding the love of her life; although we will see growth as her interactions with Ashaya and working with others does affect her and how she processes "emotions".


I also went to the Literacy Signing for RWA 2015 and met up with some blog buddies.  It's in NY, which is mega convenient for me. Had a complete fangirl meltdown with Heidi Cullinan and Amy Lane.  Picked up their books: Nowhere Ranch and The Bells of Times Square, respectively.


Also, met Courtney Milan. I haven't read anything of hers but I find her online persona so intelligent, I wanted to support her.  I picked up the first in her contemporary series: Trade Me.  Great decision to stop there, as my phone battery had run completely out of charge and her give away was a portable charger... life saver!!!  I think I'll buy all her books, if only for that reason alone :)  She was also super nice so that was great.


Met KM Jackson (Kwana), as well.  She wasn't a featured author; she was there as a reader, but was sooo nice.  She was handing out the most beautiful postcards promoting her books. I will definitely be picking up one of her books. #WeNeedDiverseRomance #WeNeedDiverseRomance #WOCRomance


I wanted to go around and meet up with some of my other favorite authors, but had to control myself as I didn't budget a lot for books.  I completely forgot about it and paid off bills instead :(.  I need to be better prepared next year.  


Nora Roberts' line was unimaginably long, as was Nalini (so happy I saw her at B&N), Joanna Bourne and Jude Deveraux ran out of books early but stayed to talk to fans and take pictures (which was cool), Carolyn Crane was very nice and friendly.  I wanted to go by KA Mitchell's but was so overwhelmed by the number of people in the room and how damn hot it was, I just cut out.  I took about 1.5 hours to navigate just seeing those 3 authors; the signing was only 2 hours.  Although, a lot of authors hung around to speak to their fans.


After the signing we decided on some food and drinks and sat next to LB Gregg, who I really just loved as a person.  She's so funny and easy to hang with.  I did get to ask her when her next book will be out and she said she has one out in November "With this Bling" (which I knew) and more to come.... she's just a slow writer.  I agreed :P, but I said not as slow as JL Langley... she was diplomatic :)


Got home super late, but was worth it.  Meeting up with the blog buddies again on Sunday, before they all fly back home.