Whatever happened to...

So I'm minding my own business, when my brain starts asking random questions.  I figure, let me answer some of these with my google-fu; but it's NOT WORKING!  Now this shit is going to bother me for a while...


When is JL Langley going to ever publish Rhys and Sterling's book?

What's the date for Chris Owen's next Never Too Late book?

Are Dianne Fox and Anah Crow going to finish any of their series'?

What is ML Rhodes waiting for to finish her outstanding books?


Why do I still care?!!!  It's been YEARS of waiting for these books, shouldn't I give up?  I mean, they don't owe me anything.  They can write, or not write, whatever they want.  I just wish they would put out an update that I can find so I can tell my brain to STOP ASKING ME!


AND, it's not like I don't have a shitload of other books to read.  I do actually, but I'd really like to know.  


If any of you in this great booklikes community knows the answer, please feel free to comment.  This way my brain can occupy itself with worrying about my 16 year old driving and how to stretch these measly dollars into covering all the bills, so I can still buy books :|