I don't get it

Flashover - Tory Temple

Since we never really read Tucker's point of view, I just don't get him.  He seems like an overly complicated guy.  I get that his life was difficult when he was a boy, but I seriously don't get his hangups and not wanting to express how he feels... ever.  I'm so effing clueless as to what's forcing his actions.  I caught myself, just wondering what the hell the big deal was.  These characters are pretty volatile and spontaneous... which isn't good, but not necessarily bad.  A lot of times, it just feels unnecessary.


Anyway, I enjoyed the story over all and like these guys, although, they resolve EVERYTHING with sex.  It gets a bit repetitious.


Chance and Tucker seem like they're great together. Hopefully, we can get Tucker's perspective soon.


It seems like I didn't like the story from my review, but honestly it was engaging.